IIoTA Edge Based Appliance



Since the database server is integrated into the IIoTA™ MES platforms, the result is an Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) system that can be configured to operate 100% stand alone. No enterprise network is required. 


Because the data server is locally integrated, data can be captured without the need for an external storage area. Further, this allows a stand-alone production line to meet traceability and defect flow-out prevention requirements without implementing a costly network infrastructure. 


The IIoTA™ MES platforms are Edge Based Appliances, so the network response time isn’t affected by external network traffic or enterprise network failures.


The advantages then are repeatable network responses. If an external network is connected, the ability to ride-thru failures can also be realized.

Learn more about Ride-Thru by listening to elliTek's podcast episode "Industrial Automation - It Doesn't Have To... Lag".


The advantage of the IIoTA™ MES platforms being appliance-based products is the immediate security benefits.


For the reason that the appliance is a dedicated proprietary platform vs. a PC based system, the vulnerability associated with a PC based server is eliminated resulting in an ultra-secure and virus/malware adverse platform.​

Discover where the IIoTA™ MES platforms sit on the network.


MEET elliTek


Established in 2009 as a systems integration company with an expertise in motion control and automated machine design, elliTek soon gained a reputation for providing solutions allowing dissimilar control platforms to “talk” to each other through the sharing of data. This area of expertise placed elliTek among some of the first to realize the value of the M2M (machine to machine) movement in the world of the IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things).


To empower our clients as they work to implement their ideas for driving efficiency in their individual environments, for a product's greatness should not only be measured in quality and performance but in its ability to empower those who use it.


Despite the turmoil associated with joining two dissimilar and complex worlds (OT and IT), the benefits of bridging the gap served as the driving force for elliTek as it began to focus on increasing its expertise levels within each. With the development of its legacy Data Commander™ MES Gateway appliance and now the IIoTA™ MES platforms, elliTek continues to provide high-level products which focus on the balance of powerful functionality, yet done with simplicity.


Inspiration is Reality

IIoTA™ & IIoTA MiNi™ Built-In Features:
Integrated Hardened Gateway

The IIoTA™ platforms are designed with integrated hardware separation of the Operation Technology (OT) Network from the IT Network for ultra-secure, malware adverse platforms.

Because of the 1:1 NIC port to NIC Controller ratio, any attempts to bridge or link ports become virtually impossible since only one network is referenced across each layer.

Integrated Database Server

The IIoTA™ platforms have database servers pre-installed. The result is an Industrial IoT System that can be configured to operate 100% stand alone. No enterprise network is required.

Data can be captured without the need for an external storage area. This allows a stand alone production line to meet traceability and defect flow-out prevention requirements eliminating the need for costly network infrastructure.

IIoTA™ Built-In Features:
IIoTA™ Dashboard Designer

Using the IIoTA™ Dashboard Designer, production engineers can easily create attractive URL based machine monitoring dashboards.

The drag & drop style, user-configurable dashboards can be viewed via smartphone, tablet, smart TV, or any viewable device connected to the local network.

Process Workflow Setup Software

elliTek's Process Workflow Setup Software shortens development times and implements a defect occurrence prevention system.

A line-side defect flow-out prevention system can be quickly configured to ensure the proper processes are completed successfully and in order within a multi-operator assembly line.



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